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  • algorithmic trading

    Artificial Intelligence for Serious Traders

    Live, Real Time, Robotic signals: Forex, Futures, ETFs, and the U.S. Stock Market

    • Ideal for every level of trader - from beginners to seasoned veterans
    • Beginners quickly come up to speed with simple numeric signals
    • Blazing-fast computerized decision making keeps you in the trend longer
  • robotic trading

    24Hour TradeRoom

    • Real time trading action 24/6 -- (just not Saturday)
    • See every trading opportunity on your screen with time to take action
    • Login to the Traderoom anytime, no matter where in the world you live
    • No need to clutter your chart with dozens of contradictory technical indicators
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  • robotic trading

    Powerful Robotic Trading System

    Designed like institutional robots but available for mainstreet trading

    • Numerically coded entries and exits
    • Robotic pattern recognition confirms trader's own analysis
    • Signals are tablet ready, never again be chained to your desk
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algorithmic trading

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  • Replacing traditional technical analysis with robotic signals
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algorithmic trading

Computerized Decision Making Real Time

In 2012, over 350,000 contracts (across 23 brokerages) have already been traded using
Segreto Quants strategies

Click to learn more about algorithmic trading, quantitative analysis, correlated markets, high frequency trading systems, and the impact of speed on trading the Markets today..

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algorithmic trading

About Segreto Quants

Segreto Quants now offers a 24 hour live, real-time TradeRoom based on signals called exclusively by our algorithmic robots. That is correct...computerized decision making for trading.

No more needing dozens of technical indicators on your charts. No more opening several charts, flipping back and forth for fear of missing an opportunity. No more watching fibonacci numbers or trying to figure out which wave number the price is on. Segreto Quants analyzes those same signals for you at blazing fast speeds you could only dream about.

Whether you are a day trader or you are night trading after work, Segreto Quants has signals for you. Trade Forex or Emini Futures? No problem. Segreto Quants trading strategies work round the clock searching for opportunities for you. Remember, trading is not appropriate for everyone.

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algorithmic trading

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